Crisis & disputes

Specialist support through your most challenging times.

As the world in which we do business becomes ever more complicated, interconnected, and dynamic, threats and disputes can arise from anywhere.

Whether external or internal, we have specialist teams to help you to prepare for, mitigate against, and manage all manner of threats to your business. Be it a piece of litigation, a fraud, the need to restructure, or even the necessity to close business operations, we provide clients with commercial, practical, and highly tailored advice to navigate these challenging situations.

Our approach

Whatever the situation that you face, we will find the solution you need. Your team will provide timely, commercial, and practical support in a way that supports and respects the situation you are in. As a uniquely integrated, international partnership in over 100 countries and territories, we are able to mobilize cross-functional teams with the technical, sectoral, and geographical knowledge to support you in every market you operate in.

Crises and disputes present themselves in a variety of ways. For this reason, we offer a broad mix of services and specialist teams to support you with whatever situation you may face:

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