Life sciences: IT governance system

IT governance system: international biopharmaceuticals provider


Separate IT groups tended to operate in silos, without understanding the interdependencies of their activities with other IT and business processes. The client needed to develop and implement a common IT Governance System that would provide the means for IT staff and teams to:

  • Work effectively and efficiently, on a consistent basis
  • Follow IT best practices across the entire organization
  • Ensure compliance in a heavily regulated industry
  • Maximize collaboration and innovation to better serve the needs of the business


Mazars facilitated the selection of an IT framework and benchmarking model and the customization of the framework to fir the client’s operating model and culture. Mazars managed a phased implementation of the Governance System that included:

  • Obtaining executive buy-in on the final Governance Framework
  • Identifying process owners for all key IT processes and activities
  • Developing a project plan, prioritizing the most critical IT processes
  • Implementing a process development, training and change control methodology
  • Working with process owners to develop and document processes, standards and procedures in a collaborative manner, accounting for interdependencies with other key processes
  • Developing and implementing a portal for delivery of process and procedure information to IT and customers of IT


The Mazars team was able to develop and imbed an IT Governance System across the entire IT organization that provided the foundation for a “customer focused”, effective IT operating model and that:

  • Established clear, unambiguous roles and responsibilities for IT quality and validation activities
  • Improved productivity by providing easy access to the information IT staff needed to do their jobs and improved communications and training processes
  • Facilitated a significant culture change, promoting collaboration and breaking down silos
  • Generated business value through implementing stable, repeatable processes allowing management and employees to focus on process optimization and innovation
  • Provided the means to monitor, control and capture changes that are made in processes thereby maintaining the operating knowledge of the IT organization

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