Reinventing the wheel: mobility and the next wave of disruption

Mobility and the next wave of disruption, the third series in the Reinventing the wheel campaign, explores how data, analytics, robotics, 5G and other technologies will shift the mobility landscape in the coming decades, and how mobility players should prepare for the changes to come.

To shed light on technological disruption and its impact on the industry, we have shared a series of articles featuring Mazars specialists from around the world. Series 3 is below.


The robotic software revolution and mobility

Software robotics are helping companies streamline processes, cut costs, and free up employees to focus on higher value tasks.


Small steps and big leaps: making future transport a reality

Any new mode of transport is naturally met with skepticism: is it safe? is it sustainable? is it useful? As the mobility universe experiments with transport up in the air and on the ground