Mergers & acquisitions playbook development: national home health care provider

Mergers & acquisitions playbook development: national home health care provider


Client had recently acquired three companies and needed an integration leader and a playbook to guide current and future integration efforts.

Existing challenges included:

  • Limited direction and engagement from functional teams on merger and acquisition projects
  • No formal M&A project plan or cross-functional leadership to support three concurrent acquisitions in different geographies
  • Very aggressive timeline with limited engagement and communication beyond corporate development team

How Mazars helped:

We provided skilled M&A professionals who were experienced in planning and management, merger integration, and playbook development.


  • Provided robust assessment based on Merger Integration and Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices
  • Interviewed functional leaders and teams to identify key integration activities and opportunities to increase integration engagement and efficiency
  • Developed a scalable, cloud-based document repository for all acquisition artifacts
  • Created an integration playbook and scorecard supporting fifteen core integration functions


  • Successfully delivered an M&A playbook and cloud-based document management system based on people, process, and technology success factors
  • Developed an M&A scorecard that:
    • Increased engagement, efficiency and communications in current and future integrations
    • Delivered improved success and value to future acquisition integrations

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