Our values and culture

“We ARE Mazars” represents our core values of Association, Respect and Excellence (ARE). ARE also is the name of an active committee of our professionals who serve as stewards and champions of our culture. We promote personal and professional growth for our people by providing opportunities to engage meaningfully with one another and the firm, and to contribute to the betterment of communities at large.

We ARE Mazars represents our core values and is also an active committee of dedicated professionals from our Team who are committed to serving as stewards and champions of our Firm culture.

About We ARE Mazars              

Our mission is: To enrich the Mazars culture of Association, Respect, and Excellence (ARE), promoting personal and professional growth for our Team members by providing opportunities to engage meaningfully with one another and the Firm, and contribute to the betterment of the community at large.

Our vision is: To establish Mazars as THE employer of choice for our industry-leading employee engagement and philanthropy.

Guideposts for ARE – Our core values

We take pride in creating a positive work experience for all Mazars Team members that is rooted in the cultural guideposts of Association, Respect, and Excellence, and promotes personal and professional growth and the development of careers that are meaningful and fulfilling.

  • Association – Our association as professionals and as colleagues at Mazars calls upon us to articulate and demonstrate our common commitment to teamwork, pride, and firm-first.
  • Respect – Demonstrating respect for others is a basic expectation of every person at Mazars. At our Firm, the key ingredients of respect are trust, care for our people, clients and communities, and enthusiasm.
  • Excellence – Excellence at Mazars goes beyond setting high standards. It is a combination of the collective power of enterprising minds, professionalism, and accountability.

These guideposts are demonstrated strongly in the activities we sponsor as a Committee, but also in the programming we support in partnership and collaboration with other Mazars’ culture strategies and committees that foster equal opportunity, inclusion, and diversity. They are further supported by The Mazars Way, which defines our style and serves as the foundation for the experience we hope anyone – internal or external to our Firm – will have interacting with a Mazars team member.

The Mazars way

At Mazars, we understand that the ability to listen, understand challenges, craft solutions, and execute to help our teams and clients succeed is a key component of our competitive advantage. 

Inclusion & diversity

At Mazars, our vision is to acknowledge and appreciate the importance of creating an environment where all our people feel valued, included, and empowered to do their best work. 


The Women@Mazars is a central part of the firm’s strategic plan to enhance the development and retention of women leaders, creating an environment where all our best and brightest excel.


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