Tax dispute resolution

Make the system work for you.

Dealing with taxing authorities can be stressful and frustrating. We help guide you to the best possible outcomes.

Our approach 

From examination to appeals and collections, Mazars in the US's Tax Dispute Resolution Practice can provide zealous representation before the Internal Revenue Service and state and local tax authorities. Our highly trained JD-LLMs are committed to obtaining the most favorable results possible while ensuring timeliness and efficiency.

Our services 

We offer support covering:

  • Individual audits including addressing matching notices, schedule C Exams and Residency Exams
  • Business audits involving corporations and flow-throughs including relationship examinations under TEFRA and the 2015 BBA
  • Consultation on pre-filing tax positions
  • Assisting clients with collection alternatives, such as offers in compromise and installment agreements
  • Requests for abatement of penalties, interest abatement, and refund claims
  • Requests for private letter rulings
  • Correcting failures to comply with international reporting, failures to file Forms 5471/5472, FBARs or reporting crypto-currency transactions

Our insights

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