PCS for athletes & entertainers

Athletes and entertainers face wealth management challenges in terms of tax strategies, wealth preservation and financial planning in the face of highly variable revenue streams.

Our team is familiar with the intricacies of athletic and entertainment contracts, advances, royalties, syndication revenues and expenses, tour income and expenses, promoter costs, front-end/back-end/cancellation clauses, ratings-based revenues, and the many other accounting and tax issues that you face.

We work closely with agents, attorneys, investment advisors and other professionals to ensure there is an effective financial strategy in place, from tax minimization to retirement and estate planning. 

Our services

  • State tax nexus (residency) strategies
  • International tax minimization strategies
  • Multi-state income tax considerations
  • Comprehensive personal financial & retirement planning
  • Athlete specific deduction strategies
  • Charitable contribution strategies
  • Federal & state tax planning
  • Establishment of a business or not-for-profit organization/foundation
  • Auditing & oversight for royalty, endorsement, licensing & merchandising agreements
  • Liaison with agent, attorneys, foreign professionals & others

Contact us to see how we can address the tax, financial and business challenges facing you, your family, and your closely-held business.