Women@Mazars is a central part of the firm’s strategic plan to enhance the development and retention of women leaders, creating an environment where all our best and brightest excel.

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Tifphani White-King

Diverse opinions create better business solutions, National Tax Practice Leader Tifphani White-King tells Bloomberg Tax in her episode of the #TalkingTaxPodcast. To take diversity to the next level in business, it's important to keep up the dialogue and share stories.

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Why is diversity in the workplace and in leadership important?

We asked. Our women Executive Board members answered. 

We don't want to all come to the table with the same view. And when we do have differing views, let's open up a dialogue about them and get all the facts. Then we're better informed and can make better decisions as a team.

Lisa Osofsky, Partner


Lisa Osofsky

For me, it's diversity of gender but also our different cultural backgrounds. It's important to bring them to the table and hopefully inspire each other to take a similar journey, or their own journey, to climb the ladder.

Karine Philippon, Partner 

Karine Philippon

I've noticed that in these discussions, women are often more comfortable disagreeing or insisting on really finding out what root issues are before settling on a solution. I'd agree that we tend to see more debate before arriving at a solution when you have a more diverse group of people, not just gender diversity, but diversity of all kinds, including experiential.

Laura Peth, Principal

Laura Peth

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