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Supporting financial services with data reporting

Data reporting helps banks make better decisions. By providing C-suite executives with accurate, relevant and timely data in an easily digestible format, banks and financial services firms are better positioned to navigate evolving market challenges. But does more data mean more problems?

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Banking: Crisis, what crisis?

Banking stability has been called into question recently, following the rapid collapse of one of Switzerland’s most emblematic banks and the demise of tech lenders on America’s west coast. Gregory Marchat, Global Head of Financial Services Advisory, and Emmanuel Dooseman, Global Head of Banking and Capital Markets, provide some answers on the consequences for the financial services sector, the economy and for society as a whole.

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What lessons can be drawn from recent events in the banking sector?

In recent weeks, we have witnessed the successive bankruptcies of three banks in the United States, as well as the hasty takeover of Credit Suisse by UBS. While these events and the financial crisis of 2008 have similarities, they are nonetheless clearly distinct from one another and derive from different problems. Yet, some lessons still apply across the board.

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In a post-SVB world, what should tech firms do now for banking?

The collapse of SVB and other banks serving Silicon Valley has been shocking and swift.  The March 10 collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has dealt a major confidence blow to the startup ecosystem. Banks serving this sector are an integral part of the innovative economic engine. Partner Karine Philippon, Mazars, USA, shares what you need to know.

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Sustainability practices stocktake: How banks and insurers have progressed

Financial institutions have a leading role to play in shaping our sustainable future, and a strong need to reboot and shift to a more responsible finance model. As a core component of the economy, they bear the responsibility of upholding rigor and resilience in their risk management. With time running out to achieve a move towards nature-positive outcomes, what sustainability progress have banks and insurers made?

Mazars’ latest global report helps to answer this question. Using insights gained from more than 400 senior executives in banks and insurers across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and from Mazars’ experts, this report details where financial institutions stand today in their progression towards more sustainable practices, and identifies the significant sustainability-related knowledge gaps that still exist in this sector.

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Delivering a breadth and depth of services and best practices to assist money centers, regional and domestic community and global banks, navigate the current regulatory challenges and economic pressures in order to remain in control, mitigate risks and remain compliant.

The banking sector is undergoing significant changes in market conditions causing financial institutions to focus on disruption caused by FinTech entrants and new technologies, data protection, and innovative approaches to funding and profitability management. Regulators are creating enormous pressures and demands for management and board members, while management strives to meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders for service, maintain transparency, increase ROI, and remain compliant.

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Mazars is a trusted advisor for the banking industry with a strong domestic presence supported by a worldwide network of over 100 countries and more than 50,000+ professionals. Our seasoned professionals across the Mazars Group have years of industry experience helping banks navigate through the web of regulatory, economic, and accounting landscapes. We provide insight on key developments and emerging trends to help you stay in control and ahead of risk.

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