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Understanding the digital transformation framework.

“Time waits for no man” is a saying you’ve probably heard before.

Its brevity and timelessness make the quote memorable. Its universality makes it great. In fact, the author didn’t take the time to attribute his or her name to the quote, ultimately becoming a victim of their own words.

As technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, businesses are confronted with a similar concept: Your competition won’t wait for you to adapt – to endure and thrive, you must evolve. You know your business needs to modernize. But what does that evolution look like? And how do you start?

Digital business transformation is the process of adopting digital technologies to modernize processes with the intent of improving business outcomes – an essential imperative for companies that wish to stay relevant.

Mazars meets your company precisely where it is in its digital business transformation journey, whether you’re beginning to formulate your strategy, years down the road or struggling to realize transformation benefits.

We can help your organization achieve its goals of:

  • Growing the top line
  • Driving efficiencies and reducing costs
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies
  • Modernizing core business systems
  • Harnessing the power of your data

Our team delivers strategic, technology and industry expertise to support clients through their entire digital business transformation. The Mazars Digital Business Transformation Framework provides an anchor to develop impactful, holistic solutions that address the six components central to a digital transformation.

Our specialists understand just how intimidating digital business transformation can be. And our programmatic approach is designed to achieve impactful results.

Digital Transformation framework 

Digital transformation framework

Mazars believes a holistic digital business transformation covers the following five phases:

Assess the current state and establish a digital business transformation strategy. As a traveler, to get where you want to go, you need to know where you are and your destination. Digital business transformation is no different. We know large-scale technology changes can be expensive and seem overwhelming. Mazars starts clients on their digital transformation journeys by developing right-sized strategies tailored to help organizations achieve their goals.

Establish a digital transformation program. Important initiatives require careful management, a dedicated project team who have an understanding of what success looks like and how it will be measured. A successful transformation program ensures initiatives have the appropriate oversight, tie back to the transformation strategy and ultimately achieve intended outcomes.

Modernize the digital foundation. Depending on your organization’s current state, underlying IT infrastructure, enterprise systems and/or technology risks may need to be addressed before more sophisticated solutions can be introduced. Implementing a strong digital foundation provides the launching pad for explosive digital benefit realization.

Drive digital growth and efficiencies. Capitalize on your digital foundation to accelerate growth with the use of applied data analytics, machine learning, modern customer engagement mechanisms and an omnichannel customer experience. Drive business efficiencies with process automation, applied artificial intelligence and system integrations. Improve business decision-making with improved data availability, reporting and analytics.

Continuously improve with a digital business transformation center of excellence. Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Realize future benefits from new opportunities with a digital business transformation center of excellence focused on identifying opportunities, evaluating business impacts, prioritizing efforts and executing initiatives.

The time is now. Do you have questions about your business’ evolution?

The Mazars team is ready to talk with you through them. Whether you’re preparing to start your transformation journey, modernize an ERP system or exploring ways your organization can better use its data, we’re here to help.

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