David Mayo Director, Management & Technology Consulting

David Mayo

David has over 9 years of experience providing management and technology consulting solutions in a range of industries. He has a substantial background working in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and insurance sectors, with clients seeking to implement, manage, and protect information technology systems. David designs solutions tailored for each client’s organizational needs, while still achieving the efficiency and risk mitigation benefits offered by industry best practices. His strong management, analytical, and communication skills enable David to identify challenge areas, data trends, and potential improvements, and guide the implementation of concise and actionable solutions.

David frequently works with client leadership to develop strategic vision and ensure projects are designed, managed, and executed in accordance with that vision.

He has extensive experience managing large-scale technology projects and portfolios ranging from system implementations to acquisition planning and integration.

David received his BS in Finance from the University of Maryland. 

Industry Expertise 


Public Sector

Service Specialties 

Portfolio Management
Technology Evaluation & Selection
Data Analytics
Systems Implementation

System Validation
Financial Analysis
M&A Technology Integration

Licenses & Certifications

Project Management Professional

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