Mazars Americas Financial Modeling Training

The Mazars Financial Modeling Training course program teaches the internationally-regarded methodology focusing on the practical structuring and buildout of effective and efficient financial models.

Join over 18,000 attendees globally that have taken our courses, learning the essential skills required to build flexible, world class models, in an optimized and personalized environment.

  • Live and digital courses
  • Public or private, customized course options
  • English and Spanish instruction
  • Real-world project examples and case studies
  • Small classroom size for individualized attention
  • Build models from scratch applicable to many asset classes

The Mazars training catalog has different course types to address the needs of professionals looking for instruction across a range of disciplines including Project and Infrastructure Finance, Renewable Energy Finance, Real Estate, Valuations, M&A, Model Optimization, VBA, and more.

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RVS 1600 500

Best Practice Project Financial Modeling (2 days)

Designed to appeal to project sponsors, bankers and advisors, our Best Practice course is essential to building, reviewing or analyzing project finance models at all levels. It will give you the tools you need to build and sensitize robust and transparent cashflow based financial models and dramatically increase your Excel efficiency.

Organisational resilience 1600 500

Advanced Project Finance Modeling (2 days)

This course enables you to extend your debt modelling capabilities as a mechanism to drive the transaction process. Bankers, sponsors and investors all benefit from the powerful techniques for debt sizing, covenant monitoring and development of financial statements. You will learn the modelling principles and structured approach that are applicable across a range of industries including; Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Renewable Energy, Utilities and Real Estate.

ManhattanSkyline 1600 500

Finance Modeling for Renewable Energy Projects with US Tax Equity (3 days)

This course covers funding mechanics, operational analysis and investment metrics, supporting the techniques needed to build renewable energy project models suitable for US tax equity and debt structuring, investment analysis and operational scenario evaluation. Learn the key US tax equity structures such as partnership flips, sales leasebacks and inverted leases, as well as modelling of MACRS tax depreciation, and receive updates on US regulatory changes.


US Tax Equity (1-day)

This course cover the current trends and macroeconomic factors influencing the US tax equity and renewables market and an overview of the renewable energy incentives. You will learn the various tax equity credit types, such as ITC & PTC and how changes in regulation continue to affect them, key tax equity structures such as partnership flips, sales leasebacks and inverted leases, as well as modelling of MACRS tax depreciation.

Perception of power 1600 500

Financial Modeling for Valuation Analysis (2 days)

Financial Modelling Techniques for Valuation Analysis will illustrate how corporate finance and valuation concepts are brought to life in a financial modelling environment, and how you can build re-usable structures which will benefit you time and time again. The course addresses specific challenges including: dividend policies, depreciation, escalation, working capital, liquidity and minority interests.

Innovation 1600 per 500

Financial Modeling for Acquisition Transactions (2 days)

A comprehensive financial model for acquisitions provides deep insights for investors and financiers that need to assess the risk and opportunities relating to the proposed transaction. This course will allow you to build a comprehensive model with powerful analytical outputs tailored for investment banks, private equity and corporate finance executives.

2024 Americas Course Calendar

March 19 & 20

Advanced Project Finance Modeling

New York (Live & Online)

March 21

Model Optimization & Control with VBA

New York (Live & Online)

March 26 & 27

Best Practice Project Finance Modeling


April 9 & 10

Best Practice Project Finance Modeling

New York (Live & Online)

April 23-25

Financial Modeling for Renewable Energy Projects

New York (Live & Online)

May 7 & 8

Best Practice Project Finance Modeling

New York (Live & Online)

May 21 & 22

Advanced Project Finance Modeling

New York (Live & Online)

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