Global tax credits and incentives

Drive value through greater tax efficiency by utilizing tax credits and incentives to mitigate risks and optimize cash tax.

Mazars in the US's Global Tax Credits and Incentives Practice can help manage cash tax, improve efficiencies, and mitigate risks to optimize tax efficiency while navigating regulatory and global challenges.

Our approach

Mazars can assist clients in optimizing your overall tax position and cashflow by using proven methodologies to design a custom approach to efficiently plan and manage your tax position. Services are tailored to each client’s company, industry, potential IRS exam issues, and risk profile. Mazars can assist companies in identifying tax planning opportunities to generate cashflow savings through various tax vehicles including those highlighted below.

Our services

Research tax credit

  • Utilizing our streamlined process to qualify and quantify your maximum research credit while ensuring compliance with both federal and state regulations
  • Navigating complex rules to support energy structure transactions, meet compliance requirements, maximize credits and incentives, and manage risks

Tax planning

  • Assisting you in evaluating your overall tax position, identifying income and deduction recognition, and establishing tax accounting methods

Tax credits & incentives

  • Analyzing your business to identify opportunities, and assisting you in applying & qualifying and complying with complex tax credits and incentives at a federal, state, and local level

Our insights

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