2022 Retail Trends

Changing consumer demands, new technologies and supply chain disruptions are impacting the consumer products and retail landscape as recovery from the pandemic slowly continues. The most pressing short-term issue facing the industry is inflation. Yet it's as much of an opportunity now for brands and retailers as it is a problem: They can recover costs by increasing prices, positioning themselves strongly for when inflation eases.

Longer term, the over-arching issue facing the industry is the continuing adaptation needed to a world in which consumers shop online and in brick-and-mortar stores. How can an ecommerce website be as effective as a physical store in converting browsers to customers? And how can a physical store be as effective as an ecommerce website in collecting accurate data on consumer behavior? The answer to both questions: technology.

Joined by webinar moderator Caroline Brown, panelists Marie Driscoll and Richard Kestenbaum share their insights on these and other industry trends for 2022.

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