Building an effective adoption framework for AI

Understand the best practices, short-term and long-term impact of AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) implementation is growing, rapidly. According to recent survey data, 67% of business leaders say they’ll encounter strategic risks and poorer performance if they don’t implement AI, and 73% have plans to deploy AI in the near future.

Concerns are also on the rise: 80% of respondents believe there are constraints on the adoption of AI, and 76% say adoption will result in significant ethical or cultural changes that must be managed.

While data tells the tale of growing AI impact, that impact isn't clear-cut. Mazars examines the current state of AI, assessing its short- and long-term impacts, addressing its potential challenges, exploring adoption frameworks and highlighting humankind's critical role in driving effective AI adoption.

The SAFE adoption path

Mazars' SAFE AI FrameworkTM can help companies create a sound strategy for adoption that delivers on AI potential while minimizing potential risk. The framework highlights four critical characteristics of AI: Secure, Adaptable, Factual and Ethical.

Building an effective adoption framework for AI

Building an effective adoption framework for AI


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In practice, adoption is a five-part process. It begins with system mapping to help companies understand what they have, where it lives and how this technology interacts. Next is brainstorming — exploring creative approaches to the application of AI.

This is followed by the identification of specific business processes that may benefit from AI, then the deployment of limited-scope initial use efforts to measure AI efficacy.

Post-session analysis of results informs next steps: If AI has performed as intended, companies can scale up and scale out adoption. If not, businesses can restart the adoption process to fine-tune the outcome.

While concerns remain about AI security and potential ethics problems, the benefits of artificial intelligence far outweigh its risks. Download our latest paper to learn how businesses can safely leverage the power of AI by adopting a secure, adaptable, factual and ethical framework.

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