End-to-end consulting services

Mazars’ end-to-end consulting services help leaders accelerate the alignment of people, processes and technology – so businesses can move forward in the right direction.

From helping you lead a digital transformation to building an organizational resilience strategy, we provide end-to-end management, risk, technology, and digital consulting services. We’ll work together to find the answers that best fit your business - bespoke processes and technology solutions to improve performance, reduce risk and accelerate your business.

Building an effective adoption framework for AI


While concerns remain around AI security and potential ethics problems, the benefits of artificial intelligence far outweigh the risks.  Having a SAFE AI FrameworkTM is therefore crucial to help companies understand the benefits of AI and mitigate potential risks. Looking to make the most of AI but not sure where to get started? Learn how Mazars can help.


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Building an effective adoption framework for AI

Our end-to-end consulting services

Cybersecurity & data protection

As digital threats continue to escalate, cybersecurity has become of critical importance to a wide range of stakeholders including boards, investors and customers. Successfully managing threats to systems and data requires a proactive and adaptive approach. Cybersecurity breaches can have significant financial, reputational and legal consequences for organizations.

Our team of technology and cyber specialists strengthens your resilience, reduces your overall risk profile and enables your business to quickly react to cyber-attacks as they emerge.

GDPR certification & compliance

As a global organization Mazars understands the need to meet global standards. Our team has partnered with Europrivacy to provide companies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance certifications.

Our team of specialists help companies prepare for the audit and certification of a processing activity. Simultaneously we enhance compliance with national and international data protection laws and fill gaps between the Europrivacy requirements and the organization’s existing internal controls.

Data services

Is your organization suffering from a “data tsunami?” Transforming raw data into meaningful and actionable insights is key to identifying new opportunities, managing risk and proactively deploying value-add solutions.  Mazars’ data experts help you maximize "big data” analytics, effectively employ cloud computing, leverage mobile technology and take full advantage of artificial intelligence and blockchain. We position you to make better, faster decisions.

Enterprise solutions 

Mazars identifies opportunities to improve performance, reduce costs, manage risks and drive innovation. We challenge traditional business models and inspire organizations to harness the potential of technology as a competitive differentiator.

Assisting through the entire transformation lifecycle, we develop and implement an enterprise-wide digital strategy, then implement, managing the full change initiative.

Organizational resilience

Mazars helps you achieve organizational resilience that addresses the full spectrum of business and technical disruption. We promote a culture of preparedness that protects your business, its people and assets, and put in place effective crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery processes.

Process automation

The latest generation of automation tools is changing the way companies manage their business processes. Mazars can help you get an edge over the competition through our strategic, cutting-edge approach. We can help you put in place intelligent automation that transforms your organization by increasing accuracy, boosting performance, cutting costs and allowing your employees to focus on more value-added work. 

Technology enablement

Mazars helps you navigate the changing technology landscape to drive business growth. Our end-to-end approach is based on your unique needs, ensuring that implemented solutions not only align with your organizational strategy, but they are also the best fit - reducing cost, adding value, improving operations and helping to achieve business goals and objectives.

Technology managed services

It’s hard to keep organizations’ systems and applications in optimal health. Mazars’ 24x7x365 modular support model provides direct access to a qualified, dedicated help desk that helps you fully access the value of your technology investment by minimizing risk and reducing downtime. If you need support for Microsoft Dynamics365, Microsoft365, Microsoft Teams, Azure, CRM, ERP, Power Platform or core infrastructure, we’re here for you. 



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