Ending your managed services relationship – Part 3

How do you return from outsourcing and offshoring to in-house?

Ending an outsourcing relationship happens often in the accounting industry for a couple of key reasons.

Number one is it is often a planned transition. At Mazars, we help establish the policies and procedures and put the team together on a known temporary basis, often only for six months or a year.

Number two is there’s a point in time in certain organizations when it simply makes sense to bring outsourced services back in-house. And knowing your business will help a managed services provider ensure a successful handover back to your team.

From a security perspective, timing for a return to in-house capabilities can depend on a client having a specific business requirement or that it no longer wants an outside organization having access to its data. Or perhaps the client has hired personnel with the appropriate technical skills to handle the work that had been outsourced. Yet another reason could be that the client now feels it has the technical capabilities to automate the repeatable human tasks it previously outsourced.

At Mazars, if you engage us as a managed services provider and then decide to take those services back in-house, you can be confident that we’ll guide you in that process to help ensure a successful transition.

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