Life sciences: data privacy program & compliance

Data privacy program & compliance: global biotech provider


This biotechnology organization has operations across the globe and did not have a Data Privacy Program. The number and complexity of privacy and data protection laws worldwide is growing steadily and require the organization to be vigilant in protecting data and ensuring compliance. The organization was seeking to develop and implement a strategy to build a comprehensive Data Privacy Program. The client needed to:

  • Gain an understanding of their Data Privacy requirements
  • Assess the current state and risk levels of the organization and its data
  • Develop an agreed upon definition of a compliant program for United Therapeutics
  • Create an actionable and achievable roadmap to develop a compliant Data Privacy Program
  • Comply with applicable regulations


We developed and implemented a new Data Privacy Program that helped the organization protect its data and comply with the applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and requirements, while maintaining efficient business processes, including the following activities:

  • Identified global Data Privacy requirements and regulations
  • Conducted a Data Privacy assessment
  • Developed a Data Privacy strategy and implementation road map
  • Established a new Data Privacy Program
  • Created mechanisms to protect data, assess privacy impacts and monitor the program on an on-going basis


Our Team developed and implemented a simple, actionable, and sustainable global Data Privacy Program based on business driven requirements. The strategic initiative provided the following benefits:

  • Complied with global Data Privacy requirements and regulations
  • Developed a framework for a risk based Data Privacy Program
  • Defined the vision, scope and objectives for the Data Privacy Program
  • Developed appropriate policies, procedures and tools
  • Created a consistent and scalable approach to assess and respond to data privacy requirements
  • Enhanced awareness and understanding of data privacy

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