Reporting what’s right

Sustainability is one of the most important considerations for businesses today, regardless of sector and industry, and attracts the attention of regulators, consumers and employees alike.

Yet many businesses still struggle to report on their sustainability effectively: how to start, what to measure, which standards to follow and how to communicate it. As a result, organizations around the world are missing out on the commercial and reputational reward that accurate sustainability reporting can deliver.

That is why we have launched Reporting what’s right: articles from Mazars professionals around the world, dealing with practical topics such as setting up dedicated sustainability reporting, collecting accurate data and how to communicate effectively about sustainability.

Reporting what’s right also goes into wider debates, such as the need for global sustainability standards, what is ‘material’ to sustainability reports and the societal and sustainable role of business.

Below you can read all the articles in the series and on the right, you will find who to speak to if you want to know more.