Life sciences: IT infrastructure implementation & support

Multinational specialty biopharmaceuticals provider


While our client had a mature and capable IT function, only one member of that Team was transitioning to the new company as the Director of IT. Our client was looking for a trusted partner who could serve as the interim IT staff for the new Company, and – as Legal and Business Teams worked through the details and schedules for the separating transaction – could fully own the requirements gathering, design, development, and implementation of network and telecommunications, virtual and physical infrastructure, core infrastructure services, security and support services, and messaging and collaboration.

Our client needed to design, develop, and implement a stable, sustainable, and scalable IT infrastructure that could support the anticipated aggressive future growth of the new company within a very aggressive timeline while strictly adhering to several guiding principles:

  • Implement a separate stand-alone infrastructure for the new company with no reliance our client’s IT services or capabilities
  • Leverage as many existing resources and capabilities as possible, and augment any identified gaps where necessary
  • Provide a fully functioning infrastructure for “Day 1” operations that would allow the new company to grow and expand as needed
  • Migrate all users transitioning to the new company into the new environment
  • Minimize the business disruption and impact to transitioning users as much as possible


Our team was heavily involved in developing the IT strategy for the new company, designing and developing an infrastructure that aligned with that strategy, and planning, staging, and executing the implementation of that infrastructure in alignment with all milestones of the legal separation of the two companies. Integrity managed a staggered implementation of the infrastructure that included:

  • Assessing the current IT infrastructure, identifying leverageable resources and gaps that needed to be filled
  • Defining infrastructure requirements and developing a strategic approach to augmenting the existing infrastructure
  • Purchasing, building, testing, and deploying the required technologies and services to support the new infrastructure
  • Migrating all users into the new environment
  • Providing IT support to ensure a smooth transition as applications, services, and users roll into the new environment


In only 6 months, the our team assessed the resources that were available to be transitioned to the new company, and helped our client design, develop, and implement a fully functional IT infrastructure for the new company, that:

  • Was not only stable for “Day 1” operations, but also fully sustainable and readily scalable
  • Leveraged much more cloud technologies to make it more nimble, malleable, and user-friendly
  • Was leaner and simpler, and included a collaborative support model that allowed the new
  • Company to better manage costs and maintain a lean IT Team by leverage vendors for support

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