Helping privately owned businesses reach their goals

There are always obstacles when growing your private business. There’s always a team ready to help you overcome them.

Whether you're looking to refine your business operations, improve financial performance or deliver on a strategic objective, setting the right direction is integral to helping your business achieve its goals – while optimizing long-term shareholder value.

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How Mazars helps 

We believe success is built on collaboration and trust, and our client relationships go beyond just the day-to-day. We have a genuine interest in your business, your sector and what you're trying to achieve. 

The Privately Owned Business group at Mazars is comprised of a team of professionals who support our clients’ goals. Mazars works with over 50,000 privately owned businesses worldwide – from start-ups and high-growth companies, family businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises and the middle market – delivering innovative client solutions that are laser focused on the now, and a vision on the future. 

Business management services

Running a business comes with many demands, big and small, and requires focus and attention on many different areas.

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Compliance services

Whether it's finding solutions to challenges, helping with back office work, or chatting about how legislative changes will affect you – our goal is to let you rest easy and focus on your core business.

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Financial advisory for privately owned businesses

Whether you’re looking to raise capital, improve efficiencies or selling your business – our specialists have you covered.

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News and thought leadership

M&A playbook: Adding value for buyers and sellers

The M&A process is highly sensitive, time-consuming, and involves complex decision-making. It requires a well-defined strategy backed by the right advisors to ensure the deal creates value for all stakeholders.

We provide the support and professional advice that help make mergers and acquisitions successful.

This report will help to add value for buyers and sellers.



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Mazars M&A Playbook - 2022
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How to successfully scale and grow your business

For all the good that growth can deliver, many medium-sized businesses come to a point where it can begin to negatively impact processes, management and employees.

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How to improve financial performance and transform your business

In today’s complex business environment, developing a consistent approach to measuring and improving financial performance can be challenging. However, by ensuring measures are in place and in line with the business’ strategy, it can help enhance financial standing. 

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Preparing to sell your business 

As an owner, selling your business is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Having invested energy, time, effort and money building your business, you want to make sure that when the time comes, you receive the maximum return.

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Tax talk: Transfer pricing methods, risks and compliance considerations

Organizations that span borders are facing increasingly complex regulatory and tax issues in the different jurisdictions where they operate. No matter the industry, transfer pricing is at the top of the tax priority list for many privately owned and midmarket businesses.

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