Thought leadership for the consumer industry: Sustainability

All eyes are on the consumer industry as expectations and requirements around sustainability rise globally.

With growing consumer expectations around sustainability for the companies they support, it’s never been more critical for brands to accelerate or jump-start their sustainability journeys.

Sustainable packaging and products and waste reduction are increasingly becoming expectations of consumers as they shop online and in-store. Consumers aside, companies must prioritize their sustainability journeys because of the sheer (and ever-growing) number of new sustainability and ESG-related regulations on the horizon.

As a result, consumer goods organizations need to define a solid ESG strategy as consumers and regulators expect them to comply with laws and maximize their positive environmental and social impacts on our planet.

Featured sustainability insights

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Fashion Sustainability & Social Accountability Act

The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act (the Fashion Act) aims to change how fashion retailers – defined as those with global gross revenues of more than $100 million doing business in the State of New York – do business.

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Why ESG initiatives matter for the food industry

Historically, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors have taken a back seat to financial performance in the corporate world. And in the interest of performance measurement, companies have often made short-term profit decisions at the expense of negative environmental and social impacts.

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