The Mazars way

“The Mazars way” is our style. It’s how we engage people and companies, solve problems and work as a team with one another, our clients and with our partner organizations. While most professional services firms put some thought into how they communicate their services and experience – and likely even their mission, vision and guiding principles – our primary differentiator is that we operate daily with our core values top-of-mind.

At Mazars, we understand that the ability to listen, understand challenges, craft solutions, and execute to help our clients succeed is a key component of our competitive advantage. We strive to define ourselves not in what we do, but in how we do what we do, and our clients agree that this is what makes us so unique and effective.

“The Mazars Way” is our style. It is how we engage people and companies in need, solve problems, and work as a team with one another, with our clients, and with our partner organizations.

While most organizations have put some thought into how they communicate their services and experience, and probably even their mission, vision, and guiding principles, what makes us different is that we operate daily with our core values in mind.

The Mazars Way is very much considered “table stakes” in our Firm – it details how we are encouraged to “live” our values of ARE and serves as the foundation for the experience we hope anyone – internal or external to our Firm – will have interacting with a Mazars Team member:

The Mazars way

  • Be a team player. Commit to developing others, transferring knowledge, delegating, and providing others with opportunities to stretch and grow.
  • Take pride in the opportunities we are given to make an impact on our clients and in the communities we serve.
  • Prioritize and participate in driving the growth and objectives of the Firm above individual and team pursuits. Practice stewardship and contribute to the sustainable future of the firm.
  • Trust your team and colleagues. Give each other the benefit of best intentions. No one succeeds or fails alone.
  • Listen first, understand and care about others’ needs and positions and be receptive to feedback. Foster an inclusive environment founded upon a sense of belonging.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic and engage in person whenever possible. Have fun, try new things, and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Communicate often, clearly, concisely, and transparently. Address changes and challenges directly with those impacted.
  • Work at your highest and best use, bring passion to your work, and provide amazing service. Be enterprising and focus on adding value, not just creating deliverables.
  • Be professional: be timely, responsive, respectful, and prepared. Keep your commitments and reset expectation when you can’t.
  • Be accountable, take 100% responsibility for your words and actions, and maintain objectivity, independence, and integrity in everything you do.

So why do we share the Mazars Way? It’s all about accountability. We hold one another accountable to living these ideals and want our clients and anyone else we interact with to feel empowered to do the same. As part of onboarding, each employee receives a Mazars-branded plastic card that defines our core values of Association, Respect, and Excellence on one side and the 10 tenets of The Mazars Way on the other. Many of our team members carry these cards daily as a reminder of what it means to be a part of Mazars and of the high standards to which we hold ourselves.




Our values and culture

We ARE Mazars represents our core values and is also an active committee of dedicated professionals from our Team who are committed to serving as stewards and champions of our Firm culture.

 Inclusion & diversity

At Mazars, our vision is to acknowledge and appreciate the importance of creating an environment where all our people feel valued, included, and empowered to do their best work. 


The Women@Mazars is a central part of the firm’s strategic plan to enhance the development and retention of women leaders, creating an environment where all our best and brightest excel.


The Mazars Way
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