Driving digital transformation

Our client is a global vehicle glass repair and replacement company operating in 40 countries with over 26,000 employees.

Built through acquisition over the years, it used different processes and technologies across countries and regions.

Looking to drive revenue growth, improve efficiency and reduce costs globally, the company initiated a multiyear business and digital transformation to achieve those goals and thus remain the industry’s global market leader for years to come.


The client launched a global, multiyear transformation initiative, starting first with business transformation as its overarching foundation, supported by digital technology solutions, to enable and accelerate efforts across people and processes. The overall initiative had several workstreams, and we helped protect the business by implementing risk and cybersecurity solutions as part of the transformation effort. 

Across all countries, we helped the client:

  • Update and enhance its global cybersecurity program
  • Develop the cybersecurity strategy and design and implement technical cybersecurity controls as part of the implementation of four new global technology platforms
  • Develop a global disaster recovery program
  • Improve data privacy policies and procedures


We collaborated with the client on a thorough analysis of its core business areas, technologies, data, organizational change initiatives, risk and cybersecurity programs. We helped the client achieve the full return-on-investment it sought and make immediate and long-term changes for a sustainable impact on the business. 

Specifically, we helped the client achieve the following results: 

  • Identified and remediated key cyber, resilience, and data privacy risks across their business and technology transformation
  • Pinpointed process and control gaps in accordance with industry recognized compliance frameworks focused on security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy of data.
  • Recognized areas requiring improvement and those of strength to help facilitate and prioritize investments within:
    • Process improvement
    • Policies and procedures
    • Professional contract enhancements
    • Technology solutions implementation
    • Protected their business by implementing cybersecurity measures across their major technology platforms
    • Improved cybersecurity and privacy maturity and compliance globally and within each of the 40 separate countries
    • Reduced risk of business and financial impact from loss of systems or data by establishing new global Data Backup and Disaster Recovery program
    • Identified critical systems and advised on implementation of recovery strategies to improve resilience
    • Drove cybersecurity, resilience, and privacy culture change as part of their overall transformation
    • Led workshops to educate stakeholders about the importance of maintaining an up-to-date internal control environment and the inherent and residual risks presented if controls aren’t implemented, designed and/or operating effectively. This supported a shift in culture and increased operational rigor related to following processes and accountability for internal controls.

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Driving Digital Transformation