In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Mazars’ launched its new CyberCheck podcast series. Each episode will bring you important tips on how to best protect your organization’s information, how to handle a breach, and how to respond if you do fall victim to a cyber incident.

CyberCheck podcast aims to help businesses move forward in the most secure way possible. Join us for National Cyber Security Awareness month and beyond as we dive into the different areas of cybersecurity.

CyberCheck | Episode 3: HITRUST

On this CyberCheck podcast, Mazars' Bill Ahrens, Director of Healthcare Consulting, discusses cybersecurity for healthcare organizations. He'll cover what organizations need to be thinking about and challenges facing the healthcare industry.

CyberCheck | Episode 2: PCI DSS compliance

During this episode, Alan Gutierrez, principal and sensitive data cybersecurity compliance leader and Dan Katz director of cybersecurity here at Mazars talks about the importance of PCI DSS compliance and what to look for when it comes to PCI DSS 4.0.

CyberCheck | Episode 1: Ransomware testing

Mazars cyber manage services and consulting team come together to discuss how businesses can best prepare ransomware attacks.