PCS for global citizens & global mobility

As many of our clients hold citizenship in more than one country or have family members, business interests or investments abroad, we offer fully global capabilities. We also help today’s growing class of international professionals – those who hold citizenship in one country, but are employed in another, address the tax implications and other complications of their global status.

In an increasingly global economy, international companies often employ citizens of one country in another country – whether on a temporary or permanent basis. We help you address the compliance, tax, and other implications of this type of transaction for such employees, ensuring all the bases are covered and you can focus on growing your business.

Global citizens services

  • U.S. Entry/exit briefings
  • Federal & multi state income tax return compliance
  • FBAR & other FATCA reporting
  • ITIN applications
  • Streamlined voluntary disclosures
  • Passive foreign investment company analysis
  • GILTI calculations
  • FIRPTA reporting & documentation
  • Structuring of multi-national operations
  • Advisory services, expatriation & pre-immigration planning & memorandum 

Global mobility services

  • Advise on obligation to withhold federal, state & FICA Taxes
  • Hypothetical tax calculations
  • Tax equalization calculations
  • Advise human resources on payroll setup
  • Net pay computations
  • Short term business traveler advisory services
  • Social security totalization agreements treaty research & disclosures
  • International corporate & LLC tax compliance
  • Assisting foreign-owned companies with establishment & operations in the USA
  • Reviews of deferred compensation arrangements & tax effects
  • Mitigation of internal revenue code section 409(A) tax & penalties

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