The journey to SAFE AI adoption

The journey to leveraging generative artificial intelligence (AI), the newest AI technology, offers the promise of transforming the business world to an extent that’s rarely been seen.

It’s a strategic leap toward operational excellence, innovation and future-proofing your organization in an increasingly digital world. Generative AI equips your business with new tools to streamline processes, enhance decision-making and improve customer experiences — while demonstrating your commitment to stay agile and relevant in a landscape where AI is an ever-growing and evolving influence.

As with the adoption of previous disruptive technologies, this journey has costs and risks. As such, it’s essential to craft, plan and execute the journey precisely and with foresight.

Define your AI journey with the Mazars SAFE AI FrameworkTM

Your AI journey promises to be exciting and full of opportunity. As with any journey into new and evolving territory, you need it to be safe. That’s where the Mazars SAFE AI Framework can help.

Our SAFE AI Framework helps ensure you’re creating and executing an AI journey that’s aligned with your overarching business strategies and based on the right information, processes and tools — all while being secure, adaptable, factual and ethical.

SAFE AI framework

How we can help

Mazars has a comprehensive understanding of AI’s evolution. Our experience gives us the required insight and historical perspective crucial for making informed decisions, realistically aligning expectations, and building effective strategies. We can anticipate future trends and identify AI strategies that are advanced, sustainable and adaptable. Our experience is the foundation of a solid implementation — a foundation capable of supporting innovation and driving meaningful and transformative outcomes.

Our broad and deep expertise allows us to facilitate discussions about the “art of the possible” with AI while considering the risks inherent in using it: the potential for misinformation, security breaches, compliance issues, privacy laws, unplanned biases, and workforce impact. These risks and others serve as critical concepts that must be considered when strategically evaluating how and when to pursue AI solutions.

Don’t go it alone

Generative AI’s blend of mystique, innovation, promised efficiencies and ethical considerations fuels the fascination and anticipation surrounding AI technologies. These large language model tools are the most transformative and debated technology advancements in years.

Mazars helps companies make the best use of burgeoning generative platforms with deployment frameworks that focus on four SAFE areas. Make the most of evolving AI deployments with Mazars' Generative AI Enterprise Rapid and SAFE deployment solution.

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The journey to SAFE AI adoption