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The total experience for retail

Succeeding in retail is challenging. How can retailers revolutionize operations, create customer engagement, and build customer loyalty all at the same time? By providing the "total experience."  The “total experience” isn’t beyond grasp with the effective use of artificial intelligence (AI) to inform every aspect of retail operations. The potential results are remarkable: AI can help retailers stand out, keep customers coming back and stay ahead of changing expectations.

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Making the B2B e-Commerce journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365

At the intersection of business-to-business (B2B) commerce there are multiple touchpoints before products make their way to a final destination. Several stakeholders come together in cross-functional industries to serve other businesses as customers. Manufacturers, producers, suppliers, freight, transportation, distributors, wholesalers, and others collide in the B2B landscape.

How does a business that sells exclusively to other businesses capitalize on e-commerce growth and acceptance in the marketplace? The same end customer-centric strategies don’t always work in the B2B marketplace. Typically, B2B sales are at a significantly higher scale than everyday storefront customers. Larger scale purchases necessitate a larger scale sales operations strategy.

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Making the B2B e-commerce Journey