Digital transformation for manufacturing and distribution

Navigating the next generation.

If digital transformation is a priority, why do most organizations struggle with achieving success? The key is to focus across all business areas, not just IT. For manufacturing and distribution companies’ successful digital business transformation should consider financial, operational, cultural and regulatory factors to create lasting change.

From artificial intelligence (AI) to automation to the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics, digital transformation efforts enable multiple capabilities across the manufacturing shopfloor and distribution facilities.

This might include the use of internet-connected production machinery to help track product volumes and identify potential problems. Other digital transformation benefits include but aren’t limited to real-time data collection, reduced error rates, improved decision-making, and future-proof operations.

The challenge? It's one thing to recognize the benefits of digital transformation, and it's another to implement them in practice. In this e-book, we'll examine the current state of M&D digital transformation, the benefits of effective transformation and key considerations for companies looking to make the change.

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Digital transformation for manufacturing and distribution: Navigating the next generation  

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