Data services

Navigating the data challenge and becoming truly data-driven.

Digital transformation implies the adoption of technology to radically improve the performance and reach of an enterprise. For many, Digital Transformation includes an organization’s ability to maximize "big data” analytics, effectively employ cloud computing, leverage mobile technology, take advantage of artificial intelligence and blockchain. True and effective digitalization permeates an organization and often requires companies to evolve their organizational culture to embrace its adoption.

The vast pools of data and information generated and consumed are likened to “data tsunamis” – transforming all of it into meaningful and actionable insights is key to identifying new opportunities, managing risk exposure, and proactively deploying potential solutions that add value to the business. Mazars’ data specialists can support these objectives so that you’re in the position to make better and faster decisions.

Managing roadblocks and deploying solutions

The lack of overall data maturity and scarcity of expert talent often get in way of organizations being able to fully unleash the value of data. Solutions must be implemented within a well-established data governance framework that includes data architecture, data quality, and data security elements. Mazars’ Data Services’ scope covers the end-to-end data value chain from strategy through use case visualization:

Data Services grp

We offer tailored solutions based on organizational needs, including sector-specific and function-specific applications, ranging from data strategy to application visualization. How we help our clients address data-related challenges include:

  • Data strategy, value and use case roadmap
  • Data governance operating model design and implementation, capabilities, data maturity assessment, MDM (master data management)
  • Data architecture, including data lakes, mesh and data quality, including cleansing and enrichment
  • Data visualization, customized dashboards development
  • Predictive and prescriptive modeling and deployment, including:
    • Functional: customer analytics / sales & marketing performance, fraud detection and prevention, HR analytics, M&A analytics, financial forecasting, support to audit functions, risk management (MLOps deployment)
    • Financial services-specific: underwriting risk analytics; retail banking analytics; BSA/AML model validation and lookbacks; model risk management (MRM)
    • Retail/CPG/Manufacturing and distribution: retail trade and marketing promotion campaigns effectiveness; social media engagement optimization; fraud/shrinkage, non-compliance, anomaly detection; production efficiency; supplier risk and performance; stock KPIs; smart and augmented audits; predictive maintenance analytics
    • Life sciences: segmentation; prescriber scoring; R&D and clinical analysis, fail-fast/trial protocols enhancements, pharmacovigilance
    • Healthcare: claims audits, denials management; predictive analytics applied to claims, denials, re-admission, early identification of high utilization

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