Workforce transformation

Helping organizations maximize productivity to improve business transformation.

Many businesses have inefficient workforce systems that create costly disruptions to operations. It’s important to rely on a trusted advisor to help business transform the workforce management model into one that effectively addresses the organization’s unique needs. Our goal is to ensure that the right people with the right talent are in place to do the right job at the right time – at the right cost.

How we can help

Leading businesses continually address strategic and tactical workforce challenges to achieve world-class performance from their people. Mazars’ business transformation specialists deliver solutions across the spectrum of workforce management that incorporate leading practices and lessons learned from decades of driving workforce effectiveness and efficiency.

We use a proven methodology to identify, evaluate and provide workforce management solutions to your organization. By ensuring your business and technology needs are aligned, we drive value, accelerate the implementation of solutions and deliver a significant return on investment.

  • Project management plus+
  • Change readiness
  • Technology enablement - selection & implementation
  • Time & labor optimization
  • Workforce compliance management
  • Total cost & performance modeling
  • Shared service(s) implementation

Key benefits

  • Help your workforce align with the business’ mission and strategic action plans
  • Objectively assess current performance, including gaps between desired future-state and current positions
  • Research, select and implement future-state technology solutions
  • Assess, optimize and establish performance benchmarks for labor cost utilization
  • Train, adopt and lead businesses through change
  • Maintain, improve and evolve post-implementation successes

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Workforce management solutions