Project Management Plus+

Achieve greater functionality and drive business value with enhanced project management capabilities

Whether strategic, tactical, operational or just ad-hoc, the imperative to execute projects effectively is critical for all organizations. Projects that aren’t completed, run over on time or budget, or never deliver the desired return on investment can undermine confidence and morale irrespective of organizational size or industry.

Project management is not only science that is supported by research and certifications, it’s also an art. The prioritization and balancing of scope, schedule, cost, quality, resource, communication, risk, and stakeholder considerations requires deliberate focus from project conception to project close; these pursuits are made more even complex when managing the dependencies and competing needs of multiple projects across a program or portfolio.

Our approach

Our proven framework addresses these project management areas and incorporates our skills and experiences in strategic planning and organizational change leadership to help organizations:

  • Triage and evaluate project ideas against over-arching strategy,
  • Plan, stage, and execute projects,
  • Identify, evaluate, and manage risks and issues through closure,
  • Establish the framework for governance, decision-making, and predictable project outcomes,
  • Create a foundation for identifying projects that are starting to struggle or fall out of alignment with organizational objectives, and
  • Experience lower costs, greater efficiencies, and improved stakeholder and customer satisfaction with projects.

At Mazars, our approach to project management services is founded upon the principles and leading practices of the Project Management Institute (PMI), but our approach is flexible enough to ensure that the right amount of project management rigor is applied to every project to meet its specific demands, size, and complexity. Most importantly our processes and controls are adaptable enough to align with each client’s unique operating model and culture.

We provide a combination of real-world experience, proven frameworks, and a team of skilled and consultative project management professionals to offer services across three core areas:

  • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Assessment
  • Project Rescue

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