Healthcare regulatory compliance

Helping you to successfully navigate regulatory changes and implement new state and federal regulations - increasing awareness and reducing risk.

Healthcare executives need timely insight on new regulations, industry trends, and their potential impacts in order to successfully overcome challenges and meet their organizational goals.

How Mazars helps

In an era of unprecedented change in the healthcare industry, payer-provider organizations need value-added advice from experienced professionals. We have decades of expertise helping healthcare entities meet the challenges of the future. We work closely with plans, providers and risk-bearing entities, delivering value-added insight on the strategic, operational, clinical and analytical needs that most impact our clients.

  • Insight into policies and best practices
  • Drive long-term financial, operational and market success
  • Tailored services
  • Sustainable outcomes

Regulatory compliance 

With decades of experience in the healthcare industry, we provide timely, valuable insights on policies, best practices and industry developments. We are on the front line, building successful outcomes and developing deep relationships with our clients.

When choosing Mazars, you can be confident in your decision based on our track record of delivering actionable strategies that address specific client challenges.

  • State and federal managed care plan licensure
  • State and federal filings - New or expanding networks
  • State and federal regulatory services
  • Survey and audit readiness assessments
  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP) development and implementation
  • Comprehensive organizational, operational, and structural assessment
  • Policy, procedure and programmatic development
  • Fraud, waste and abuse programmatic development and evaluation
  • Expert witness testimony

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