HITRUST CSF compliance services

Safeguarding PHI and PPI, reducing risk, and meeting compliance.

As the world continues to become more technologically interconnected, a wide range of businesses find themselves in possession of and required to safeguard, sensitive data that could be used to identify or contact their members, patients and customers (i.e. PHI or PII). Handling this protected data creates a variety of compliance requirements across jurisdictions and is a major target of cyberattacks. Having robust controls, policies and cybersecurity measures in place is critical to reduce risk, achieve compliance and ensure the safety of your business.

Originally based on ISO 27001 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the HITRUST CSF has expanded to address compliance with HIPAA and other federal, state and international regulations, streamlining the overall process. Its importance has spread across industries, particularly for those who collect and safeguard private data, like hospitality, e-commerce, and financial services companies. 

The HITRUST approach

HITRUST has data protection, information risk, and compliance programs — all in one approach, the HITRUST approach.

How Mazars helps

Our team is highly skilled with HITRUST, both in a healthcare setting and across a range of other industries. Mazars can help your organization gain peace of mind around your data integrity as well as assuring that your vendors are fully mitigating the risks to your data.

Mazars unique offerings can support multiple certifications with one assessment:

  • HITRUST e1 essentials assessment
  • HITRUST i1 or r2 validated assessment
  • HITRUST r2 validated assessment + SOC2
  • HITRUST r2 validated assessment + SOC2 + NIST

Related services

  • HITRUST preparedness / readiness assessment
  • HIPAA security and privacy assessment
  • Third-party risk assessment
  • SOC2 readiness and assessment
  • 22 CFR11 assessment
  • Interim CISO and DPO offerings
  • Cybersecurity monitoring
  • Enterprise risk management

The benefits 

The Importance of integrating HITRUST into your risk and information management program:

  • Reduced risk – Having a clear understanding of your organization’s data integrity posture (including third parties that access/store your data) allows you to address any weaknesses and reduce your risk now and into the future.
  • Competitive advantage – Being able to assure your clients and their customers that their data is protected and valuable in a digital world.
  • Industry-leading benchmarking – As the industry-leading standard for data security, HITRUST ensures that your organization is using best practices and achieving compliance across a full spectrum of regulatory and professional standards.
  • Enhanced partnership opportunities – Many companies are required to ensure their third-party vendors have robust data security programs in place. HITRUST is the most streamlined, trusted way to let them know that your organization is in compliance and takes data security seriously.

Why should your organization be HITRUST certified? 

Complementary services

Compliance services

The more the organization emphasizes and adopts a culture of operational compliance, the more likely it will avoid the costs of fines, sanctions, or reputational loss. Early compliance can also serve as a potential growth opportunity and a competitive advantage. Mazars’ team of experts can help clients prepare for the regulatory environment beholden to that industry.

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Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) program 

Third-party providers can help your organization and offer opportunities, but they also introduce risks that need to be managed and addressed. Mazars can help protect your organization by monitoring and addressing risks through different procedures such as a TPRM program.

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Systems and Organization Controls (SOC) reports

A SOC report can build an environment of trust with service organizations' clients, vendors, and internal and external stakeholders by ensuring the data is processed completely, accurately and safely. Mazars’ team of experts can deliver high-quality SOC examinations for your organization.

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