Complete ransomware protection

Helping your organization assess, defend, and respond to ransomware threats.

According to the latest Emisoft Ransomware report, US healthcare, schools and government facilities were highly by ransomware attacks.

  • 113 federal, state and municipal governments and agencies
  • 560 healthcare facilities
  • 1,681 schools, colleges and universities

And in the more recent news the attack against the Colonial Pipeline showed how vulnerable any organization is to an attack and how much impact a ransomware event can have on the organization and potentially the country. 

In 2020, ransomware attacks cost healthcare organizations $20.8B as they moved more data online. As these threats and costs continue to rise, at Mazars, our cybersecurity professionals have developed a framework that safeguards computer systems, assets, and data so you can stay prepared and have the tools and knowledge to assess your risk, defend your organization, and respond to ransom threats in real time.       

How we (Mazars) can help: With years of experience helping organizations to stay ahead of cyber threats, we offer our clients a framework to assess and defend against threat actors looking to lock you out of or gain access to your most valuable data.


Actively uncover threat actors through continuous monitoring capabilities based on behavior-based anomaly detection.


Build a stronger defense and 24/7 active response to potential threats.


Improve your capabilities to respond quickly when an incident happens.

Ransomware risk assessment

Perimeter hardening

DR/Backup/BCP assessment/remediation

Vulnerability assessment and inbound port discovery 

Endpoint hardening

Penetration test with ransomware deep dive

Email filtering assessment

Incident response retainer

Ransomware pretest (run a ransomware simulation tool)

Phishing exercise/training

Security awareness training (with a focus on ransomware)

EDR solution review/implementation 

SIEM solution review/implementation 

Security monitoring service (MDR/SOC)