Business strategy & execution

Your organization moves fast, but is everyone heading in the right direction?

Running a successful business isn’t easy. Thriving organizations must maintain a careful balance between strategic, tactical, and operational initiatives that keeps all moving parts working in unison. When focus on this alignment wanes, leadership and management become unclear on business objectives and how to achieve them, different business units and functions begin to operate in silos driven by inconsistent and often self-serving goals, and employees find themselves disenfranchised and unmotivated.

Are you ensuring that all resources are being used optimally, in alignment with strategy, and that employees at all levels feel attached to organizational success?

Our approach

At Mazars, we help you understand how to think about your organization and its objectives to ensure: 

  • A common understanding of the internal and external factors influencing operations. 
  • A shared vision for the future among stakeholders. 
  • All available people, processes, and technology resources are used optimally and in alignment with the vision. 
  • All acquisitions and divestitures are aligned with strategy and are executed with an eye on maintaining continuity of operations, minimizing risk, and maximizing value.
  • People who play a part in making that vision a reality understand why their job is important and how they each contribute to success.

Our approach provides a stable foundation for you to make informed decisions about how to plan, stage, and execute mission-critical projects, and identify when organizational strategy must be refined in response to changes in the business landscape, all while minimizing business disruption and keeping teams focused on what's important - driving results.

We help meet your organizational objectives in the following areas: 

  • Strategy articulation
  • Requirements analysis and operational alignment
  • Post-merger integration
  • Project, program, and portfolio management

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