Thought leadership for real estate: Digital transformation

Technological change is creating new business models and disrupting the real estate sector – from the rise of ecommerce to new office technologies and smart buildings, technology is revolutionizing the industry.

At Mazars, we work with real estate clients to transform their organizations by aligning people, processes and technology, executing mission critical projects related to strategy, operations, resilience, technology, and leading our clients through complex business and digital transformation. 

Business and digital transformation strategies for the real estate sector must prioritize a few key components, such as evaluating current processes, policies and technologies to identify areas of improved operational efficiencies and reduced costs. Then, through the optimization of data, stronger analytics will be able to identify current state and trends and ultimately improve productivity and operations. Next, organizations must compliance with new state and federal regulations and a focus on internal controls and cybersecurity.

Our real estate professionals offer a unique combination of industry expertise and hands on delivery that helps clients adapt to, and thrive in, an ever-changing business, technology, and regulatory environment.

Featured digital transformation insights

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AI use cases for real estate managers/operators

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that will complement the real estate industry’s best talent.

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Improving efficiencies and reducing costs through space optimization

Companies are always looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency, often by applying the concept of space optimization. Space optimization focuses on the people, process, finance, and technology facets of a business.

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Preparing your meetings and offices for the digital workplace of the future

Embracing these new technologies and ways of thinking will allow companies to modernize their workspaces and leverage their output to its fullest potential. 

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Act now for what's next in real estate

Covering topics important to real estate companies, including steps to achieve a seamless accounting close, reasons to outsource, and more. 

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The time is now

As technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, businesses are confronted with a similar concept: Your competition won’t wait for you to adapt – to endure and thrive, you must evolve. You know your business needs to modernize. But what does that evolution look like? And how do you start?
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Digitalizing the real estate industry

What are the new expectations of owners today? How have administrators adapted to the crisis, and what strategies should they adopt to emerge stronger?

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Real estate data lake

The real estate sector is gradually going digital, and recent constructions now incorporate equipment and connectivity to allow both use and maintenance to be optimized.

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