Is your organization ready for a sustainable future built on ESG?

Sustainability must be at the heart of every organization. If your company does not implement an effective environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy, its performance can be negatively impacted and it may miss out on significant opportunities, handing your competitors a market advantage.

Through an effective sustainability and ESG approach, companies can:

From climate change and the net zero journey to diversity, inclusion and other human rights, ESG is increasingly central to the decisions of corporate boards, investors, customers and other stakeholders.

How Mazars Helps

Mazars has extensive experience helping clients navigate complexities, risks, and opportunities of sustainability and related regulations in a range of jurisdictions.

No matter where you are on the Sustainability & ESG journey, we can provide efficient services aligned with your unique ESG maturity (starting, expanding, or leading/front-runner), needs, and goals.

Whether you’re addressing supply chain awareness, tackling climate change or promoting diversity, our sustainability experts deliver practical solutions.

Mazars has a full suite of ESG services and solutions aimed at re-engineering trust in business, empowering people, and nurturing a collective responsibility.

Sustainability & ESG Services

Strategy, Implementation and Transformation

We help develop and implement sustainability strategies and business models aligned with ESG best practices, backed by holistic organizational transformations that drive long-term value and resilience. 

Risk, Compliance and Opportunity Management

Due diligence services that help ensure sustainability compliance through identification and management of ESG risks and opportunities.

Reporting and Assurance

We provide quality non-financial reporting (voluntary or due to regulatory requirements) for companies that increasingly need to respond to a range of stakeholders. And, for greater credibility, we offer sustainability assurance.

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Why Sustainability and ESG*?

  • ESG management is directly linked to superior financial performance; purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive.
  • Sustainability can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line and reputation.
  • An effective strategy must evaluate how ESG affects an organization’s financial performance and how the organization itself impacts sustainability (Double Materiality).
  • Many ESG indicators need to be carefully considered and addressed, including measurement and tracking (Materiality Assessment).
  • An increasing number of organizations are adopting sustainability strategies as part of their operations and overall strategic management, addressing various ESG factors. 

*ESG and Sustainability will be used interchangeably throughout our website 

ESG Factors





Climate Change

Diversity & Inclusion (DEI)

Board Independence

Energy Efficiency

Occupational Health & Safety

Executive Remuneration

Waste Management

Employee Satisfaction

Accounting Methods

Biodiversity Loss

Community Engagement

Risk Management


Data Privacy

Political Activities

Supply Chain

Human Rights



NGO Engagement


Water-Use Efficiency

Modern Slavery

Shareholder Engagement


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SEC Propose Rule on Climate-Related Disclosures
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New EU sustainability regulations
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