Mergers & Acquisitions

Maximizing the deal value by identifying opportunities, managing risks, and sustaining value through integration.

Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures offer fantastic growth opportunities, but organizations often encounter challenges in delivering or realizing the expected value due to inadequate due diligence, poor preparation, and execution, or the inability of management to fully appreciate the effort involved in delivering a successful transaction.

Our approach

Our M&A Consulting specialists have years of vast deal experience, a broad range of skills, and deep industry expertise. We provide due diligence, transactional services, audits, risk assessments, and merger integration plans that drive tangible value. We leverage our proven processes and tools and adapt them to fit our clients' unique objectives and cultures to craft adaptive solutions that will help you move confidently through the life cycle of every deal.

Pre-Deal Strategy
Providing you with a clear, defined strategy that includes key measurements for success and organizational readiness. Learn more

  • Agreements
  • Deal Rationale
  • Divestiture Support
  • M&A Advisory
  • M&A Readiness
  • Transaction Services
  • Tax Structure

Holistic Due Diligence
Providing detailed reports and assessments that identify undisclosed risks and validate financial/functional opportunities aligned to your business strategy.

  • Cybersecurity Due Diligence
  • Dispute Resolution
  • IT Due Diligence
  • Organizational Change Leadership
  • Quality of Earnings
  • Regulatory Assessment & Remediation
  • Structured Finance
  • Tax Risk Assessment
  • Valuation & Modeling

Post-Merger Integration
Providing the right-sized plans that coordinate activities, minimize risks, and protects value while driving positive change in the new business environment. Learn More

  • Cultural Integration
  • Integration Management Office-as-a-Service (IMOaaS)
  • Integration Planning
  • Organizational Change Leadership
  • Organizational Design
  • Process Harmonization & Optimization
  • System Integration

At Mazars, we help companies to: 

  • Define and strengthen your business rationale and key value drivers
  • Conduct financial, tax, operational, IT, regulatory, cybersecurity, and human capital due diligence
  • Identify risks, opportunities, and costs while maximizing integration value
  • Manage and mitigate risk through assessments, internal audits, controls, and corrective actions, data quality assessments, and data analytics
  • Develop clear, comprehensive integration plans and playbooks to increase transparency into integration efforts across all functions and protect against value erosion
  • Ensure successful transition and integration for employees, focused around a vision everyone can understand and be willing to embrace

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