Preparing your meetings and offices for the digital workplace of the future

As organizations are shifting to hybrid and remote work environments, IT and facilities directors are facing tough decisions about standardizing the employee meeting experience, recouping residual value out of existing hardware, disposing of end-of-life devices, and perhaps most importantly, reevaluating how they utilize their office space altogether.

Companies looking to modernize meetings and optimize office space will benefit immensely from Microsoft Teams for meetings and a skilled space optimization expert. Embracing these new technologies and ways of thinking will allow companies to modernize their workspaces and leverage their output to its fullest potential. 

What is space optimization and how can it help?

Space optimization focuses on the people, process, finance, and technology of a business.    

  • People focuses on culture and how implementing a new idea requires change management. 
  • Process centers around the physical changing of space and analysis of what a new space or reconfiguring the existing space would mean for a business.  
  • Technology considers how to support a digital workforce and ensuring the infrastructure and safeguards are in place to keep a business running optimally. 
  • Finance evaluates the ways to maximize economic output and/or minimize input. 

While each of the above facets are important individually, having a holistic view ensures a company reaches its highest potential.   

The importance of a Microsoft Teams transition strategy

With a defined Microsoft Teams strategy, the transition to remote and hybrid work environments can be seamless. And with Microsoft’s recently announced Device Trade-In for Microsoft Teams program it has never been a better time to upgrade how your organization communicates. To ensure a smooth transition, organizations should look to experts that can provide them with the guidance they need to configure, implement, and adopt Microsoft technology – from unified communications strategy development to softphone implementations.

The way people work is changing. Modernizing your meetings and optimizing office space don’t have to be arduous tasks. Through effective space optimization and new communication tools, companies can improve efficiencies and reduce costs. This allows the workforce and processes to operate to their fullest capacity and add value.