Contact center solutions - Financial services industries

Journalist, author, and well-known public speaker, Malcolm Gladwell, once wrote, “No one—not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses—ever makes it alone.” The same goes for Financial Services. This is a wonderful sentiment to remember when considering the many ‘Back Office’ scenarios professionals tend to handle, multiple times a day throughout their career. As with chain links or networks the world over; services are only as strong as their weakest link. A professional calling into their ‘Back Office’ can only be as successful as the least successful person or process. The success of the entire experience depends on the success of each individual member or process of the ‘Back Office.’

As with so many other industries and disciplines, digital transformation is reinventing the way business is handled. In a traditional ‘Back Office’ call center setting, in the service of their valued clients, professionals spend valuable time on the phone gathering essential information and documents, business as usual. There’s the inevitable back and forth via phone call or fax. Not to mention speaking with separate departments depending on what is needed to get the job done right to the satisfaction of their client. 

Compare this to the transformation hitting ‘Back Office’ operations today. The opportunity for a much more connected experience is here and now. Much of the experience feels the same to an advisor’s client. However, the Advisor/Back Office relationship is becoming dramatically more fluid, efficient, dynamic, and valuable. Call Center innovation has led to client omnichannel information being aggregated into one spot. This means a financial professional has real time access to their client’s past and present data, in one holistic view like never before. 

Imagine the benefits accompanying a financial planner interacting with their client using the power of seamless connection to their own ‘Back Office.’ Automation and portal experience services allow the structural support system to be with the advisor 24-7-365, and in real-time. Object (Optical) Character Recognition (#OCR) technology can predict types of documents, capture the necessary data, and integrate it into a structured database for either party involved. Many financial professionals will agree, correctly routing the request is equally as important to receiving the request. Back Office innovations are helping us say goodbye to data entry and human errors. Best of all, thanks to Microsoft entering the arena, the possibilities no longer belong strictly to the big players with the most money.

Companies of all sizes are now able to get the same connected advantage – and Mazars and Microsoft Business Applications can get you there. 

Published May 31, 2021