Mergers & acquisitions planning and management: multinational specialty pharmaceuticals provider

Mergers & acquisitions planning and management: multinational specialty pharmaceuticals provider


Client needed M&A strategy, integration leadership, and a plan to drive technical enablement of the new acquisition.

Existing challenges included:

  • No comprehensive Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) program with clear ownership, accountability, and defined roles and responsibilities
  • No identification of strategy, risks or determination of what processes and systems are most critical to the business during M&A
  • Plans were not standardized or executable and did not represent the entire Business.
  • Lack of ability to identify, mitigate and respond to business disruptions

How Mazars helped:

We assembled a team of skilled M&A professionals who were experienced in planning and management, IT process integration, and transition services.


  • Supported diligence efforts to identify IT issues that impacted quality of potential investment
  • Conducted source-to-target system mapping and requirements
  • Reviewed asset purchase (APA) and transfer services (TSA) agreements
  • Worked with other functional team leads to develop cross-functional integration plans
  • Helped the business establish templates to better communicate requirements to sellers
  • Developed a comprehensive IT M&A Playbook that established a standard and scalable approach, along with supporting tools and templates to support future M&A activity


  • Successfully integrated all IT people, process, and technology resources successfully
  • Enabled a much closer and collaborative working relationship with IT and business than previously established
  • Establish IT as a value-add strategic partner for integration planning
  • Better enabled IT to rapidly respond to requests for future M&A transaction support in a consistent way with proven tools and templates.