Insurance claims

Insurance claims and disputes are complex and can be enormously challenging for both the insured and insurer to process and resolve in a timely and efficient manner. Industry-specific knowledge, technical accounting expertise, access to domestic and global resources and the ability to react quickly and accurately are paramount.

Our approach 

We provide timely, objective analysis for both insurers and insureds facing complex claims and/or related disputes. Our teams consider all relevant financial data, applicable insurance coverage, settlement priorities, and design tailored strategies to address your needs.

For insurance companies, we diligently examine and evaluate proof of loss submissions and provide our accounting and financial opinion regarding any potential adjustments. Our work results in an independent and objective perspective and evaluation of claims.

For insureds, we assist with fairly and timely claim calculations and submissions that are respected by insurance representatives. We may do this at no cost to our clients because our fees are often reimbursable under the standard Professional Fees/Loss Adjustment Expenses provision of commercial insurance policies. Our professionals also assist during the post-disaster recovery phase, allowing companies to mitigate any negative exposures.

Types of claims and matters we support:

  • Business Interruption Claims 
  • Fidelity Claims 
  • Property Coverage Claims 
  • Employment-Related Matters
  • Product Liability Matters

Our services

  • Services for Insurance Companies
    • Examine proof of loss submission 
    • Identify potential errors/limitations and request additional documentation 
    • Perform an independent verification/ calculation of losses
    • Communicate our findings to the insured's representatives 
    • Prepare an independent report summarizing our findings 
    • Provide ongoing assistance in any dispute-resolution setting 
  • Services for Insureds 
    • Understand the scope of financial exposure and applicable insurance coverages 
    • Develop overall claims strategy and determine settlement priorities and timelines 
    • Perform fact-finding steps (computer discovery, financial analyses, interviews)
    • Quantify economic losses covered by the insurance policy 
    • Prepare a credible and compelling loss calculation and accompanying report 
    • Assist with proper submissions and subsequent follow-ups
    • Provide ongoing advice to ensure that our clients reach informed decisions regarding any potential claim agreements and settlements

At Mazars, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships and becoming your trusted advisor by delivering both expertise and results.

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