Economic damage analyses

Determining economic damages is a serious matter that is often challenged due to questionable facts, unreliable witnesses, or speculative methodologies. Attorneys and organizations need to rely on credible, knowledgeable, and technically resourceful experts to reach proper conclusions.

Our approach

We serve as consultants, advisors, neutral arbitrators, accountants, and industry experts. Our methodology leverages our accounting, economic, financial, tax, and litigation experience to accurately quantify economic damages. We believe that each engagement requires integrity, dedication, and commitment, ensuring that our calculations and findings are appropriate, clearly communicated, and influential in any dispute resolution setting.

Our services 

  • Organization
    • Breach of Contracts Analysis
    • Lost Profit Calculations 
    • Business Valuations - Diminished Value
    • Breach of Contracts Analysis 
  • Individuals
    • Personal Injury Cases 
    • Professional Malpractices 
  • Employees
    • Lost Profit Analysis Asset Searches 
    • Impact of Employees' Fraudulent Activities 
  • Marketing Participants
    • Patent and Trademark Infringements 
    • Corporate Espionage 
    • Price Manipulation and Antitrust Cases 
Supporting you with the dispute process 
  • Uncover facts and relevant information (including e-discovery)
  • Conduct interviews and background searches
  • Analyze company and industry data to make reliable predictions and risk exposures
  • Develop comprehensive damage models
  • Communicate our findings to counsel and assist during the discovery process
  • Prepare well-documented rebuttals and/or expert reports supporting our findings
  • Testify at deposition or trials
  • Assist counsel with preparing for cross-examination of the opposing expert(s)
  • Offer support during any post-trial or settlement proceedings

At Mazars, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships and becoming your trusted advisor by delivering both expertise and results.

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