Making the B2B e-Commerce Journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365

At the intersection of business-to-business commerce there are multiple touchpoints before products make their way to a final destination. Several stakeholders come together in cross-functional industries to serve other businesses as customers. Manufacturers, producers, suppliers, freight, transportation, distributors, wholesalers, and others collide in the B2B landscape.

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The Evolving B2B E-Commerce Sales Cycle

Online retail sales have risen drastically because of the paradigm shift that COVID disruptions have brought to business— according to the United States International Trade Association there’s a 19% increase from pre-COVID to post-COVID. Business-to-consumer (B2C) digital strategies, omnichannel touchpoints to meet a customer at their convenience, and the massive growth of small business startups has changed the game for customer journeys and business relationships. 

But how does a business that sells exclusively to other businesses capitalize on this e-commerce growth and acceptance in the marketplace? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce and Supply Chain Solutions 

Utilizing the full suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will bring your B2B business into the 2022 competitive marketplace in one comprehensive sweep. It will also allow you to scale to the large ticket purchases others are leaving on the table, cultivate repeat order clients, and expand supply chain efficiencies.

For B2B businesses looking at leveling up their legacy systems, the Commerce and Supply Chain Microsoft Dynamics 365 offerings will improve your customer experience and bring much-needed efficiencies to your supply chain. How? Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides 100% up-time so a business never closes and tracks data across the entire cycle of a sale, from a warm lead to customers making repeat orders. 

Combining omnichannel touchpoints in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the commerce and supply chain capabilities will expand the B2B business ability to serve a customer through the entire life cycle, including seamlessly adding new offerings. Migrating to the full-suite operating system allows a business to meet new B2B customer demands by also improving communication methods, including keeping customers informed of external supply chain delays, potential order savings, and knowing when to push for new business because of the full panel of customer data available.

There has never been a better time to make the switch so that your business can thrive at greater levels and stay hyperconnected to your customers. 

Mazars is here to help your B2B business upscale your sales cycle. Learn more by contacting a representative today.


Making the B2B e-Commerce Journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Making the B2B e-Commerce Journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365