MazarsNow! Microsoft Rapid Implementations

Turn actions into success while improving business productivity and performance with MazarsNow! Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions.

MazarsNow! solutions utilize out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 preconfigured processes and functionality to achieve a faster initial implementation at a lower cost. 

Our approach

Mazars has the depth and breadth to quickly implement Microsoft business solutions for your business running on Microsoft Dynamics cloud. From e-commerce, contact centers, procurement, HR and mixed reality our MazarsNow! Microsoft offerings focus on the features to move your business forward - configured using proven methodologies and best practices for implementations – forming the foundation for your future enhancements, modules and success. Our solutions include:

  • MazarsNow! Contact Center – empower contact centers to provide world-class customer service and satisfaction
  • MazarsNow! E-commerce – accelerate e-commerce sales, improve customer experience and increase growth
  • MazarsNow! Microsoft D365 B2B e-commerce express – delight customers, provide meaningful analytics and drive desired business outcomes
  • MazarsNow! Human Resources – advance human capital management, improve agility and optimize program insights
  • MazarsNow! Procurement – modernize supply chains, vendor management and collaboration
  • MazarsNow! Mixed Reality – enhance operational efficiency, streamline business processes and gain actionable data insight

Why Mazars?

How we can help

  • Kickstart your deployment - start your path to optimizing your finance operations with rapid deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance
  • Minimize your up-front investment - get 100% clarity on the scope, cost and estimated timeline with a pre-defined project roadmap
  • Standardize processes - map your current business processes to new standard out-of-the-box processes supported by pre-configured workflows and reports
  • Build the foundation - build the initial platform for further implementations and add new features and versions as needed
  • Faster Time to Value – follow preconfigured and rapid implementations to achieve faster time to value

Contact us today to learn how we can help move your business forward with the right technology and solutions.

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MazarsNow! Mixed Reality
MazarsNow! Mixed Reality
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DataPath360 Configuration Document.pdf