Client Care for Microsoft Solutions

Mazars provides the support you need when you need it. Our services are designed to keep your systems and applications in optimal health through a 24x7x365 modular support model that gives you direct access to qualified, dedicated help desk and support consultants.

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What is Mazars Client Care?

From On-demand to Managed Services, we support your full Microsoft suite helping you realize the value of your Microsoft investment by minimizing risk and reducing downtime. Our team supports Microsoft Dynamics365, Microsoft365, Microsoft Teams, Azure, CRM, ERP, Power Platform and core infrastructure. We remove the guesswork out of managing your applications.

How we can help

  • Predictable, monthly subscriptions
  • Real-time visibility into your client care tickets
  • Comprehensive support plan that covers
    end-to-end managed services and support 
  • Customizable to meet your needs with proactive
    and managed services
  • Leverage the Mazars Microsoft partnership
  • Reduce costs and minimize risks
  • Increase your organizational productivity
  • Optimize your business resources

Our approach

You have one place where all your IT applications can be managed, supported and monitored.

Managed Services Provider services (MSP) proactively monitor and manage systems:

  • Detect issues and responding in real-time to infrastructure and system issues
  • Provide system and application-level updates and patches to keep clients up-to-date and more secure

Application Support, Enhancement, and Incident Management services to respond to a client’s corporate, employee system and application needs:

  • Assist clients to enact changes, setup or terminate users and provide ad-hoc small application enhancements
  • Assist client employees with access issues, application support and system/hardware failures

Cyber Security services where we continuously monitor and analyze systems to protect clients:

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) in real-time of intrusions
  • Provide a Virtual Security Operations Center (VSCO) to continually update and improve security and compliance.

Refocus your resources and rely on experienced professionals to manage, respond, and monitor your Microsoft solutions. Connect with a Mazars professional to learn more.


Client Care - Microsoft
Client Care - Microsoft