HITRUST CSF Compliance Services

Safeguarding PHI and PPI, reducing risk, and meeting compliance

As the world continues to become more technologically interconnected, a wide range of businesses find themselves in possession of and required to defend, sensitive data that could be used to identify or contact their members, patients, and customers (I.e. PHI or PII). Handling of this protected data creates a variety of compliance requirements across jurisdictions and is a major target of cyberattacks. Having robust controls, policies, and cybersecurity measures in place is critical to reduce risk, achieve compliance and ensure the safety of your business. 

HITRUST, the most recognized standard for assuring data integrity, is the cornerstone of healthy cybersecurity and risk management positioning. Originally used primarily by healthcare groups, its importance has spread across industries, particularly for those who collect and must safeguard PPI and PHI, like hospitality, eCommerce, and financial services companies.

How Mazars Helps

Our team is highly skilled in providing HITRUST CSF compliance services, both in a healthcare setting and across a range of other industries. Mazars can help your organization gain peace of mind around your data integrity. Mazars unique offerings can also support multiple certifications with one assessment:

  • HITRUST CSF - A prescriptive set of controls that meet the requirements of multiple regulations and standards.  The HITRUST CSF combines information from various standards, such as HIPAA, NIST, HITECH, and others, as a certified framework of controls mapped to these standards designed to help organizations achieve compliance. 
  • HITRUST CSF + NIST - As part of our HITRUST CSF validated assessments, a NIST Cybersecurity Framework scorecard demonstrates NIST Cybersecurity Framework compliance.
  • HITRUST CSF + SOC2 - Some organizations will need a HITRUST and SOC2 – many times the testing can be done for both at the same time.  If an organization chooses, they can complete and report on the HITRUST according to AICPA SOC2 criteria.
  • HITRUST CSF + SOC2 + NIST: An assurance that an organization is fully compliant with all three (3) standards.

Additional HITRUST Related Services

HITRUST Readiness

Using the tools and methodologies of the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program, we help organizations understand their systems compliance and capabilities.

HIPAA Security and Privacy Assessments

We perform a comprehensive review of your healthcare organization’s security posture and structure in order to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities within your operations and  IT ecosystem.  

24/7 Cybersecurity Monitoring

Our experts monitor and respond to the latest cyber threats, uncover threat actors through behavior-based anomaly detection, respond to threats and security incidents in real-time, and assist organizations to achieve compliance with regulatory controls, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, CCPA, and GDPR.

Third-Party Risk Assessment

We identify and assess risks throughout the lifecycle of your organization’s relationships with third-parties, from procurement through offboarding.


Enterprise Risk Management

We identify, assess, and help you prepare for any dangers, hazards, and other potential disasters that may interfere with your organization's operations and objectives.


Industry-agnostic customizable solutions for data integrity

Our experts will work with you to implement a customized audit to identify vulnerabilities and deliver a report suited to your needs.

Why should your organization be HITRUST Certified? 

Reduced Risk – Having a clear understanding of your organization’s data integrity posture allows you to address any weaknesses and reduce your risk now and into the future.

Competitive Advantage – Being able to assure your clients and customers that their data is protected is valuable in a digital world.

Industry-Leading Benchmarking – As the industry-leading standard for data security, HITRUST ensures that your organization is using best practices and achieving compliance across a full spectrum of regulatory and professional standards.

Enhanced Partnership Opportunities – Many companies are required to ensure their third-party vendors have robust data security programs in place. HITRUST is the most streamlined, trusted way to let them know that your organization is in compliance and takes data security seriously.

Interested in HITRUST certification?

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HITRUST CSF Compliance Service
HITRUST CSF Compliance Service