Operational Improvement

Operational leadership in a world of unknowns can be like trying to solve a puzzle blindfolded

Today's business world moves at an unbelievable pace and leaders are challenged to manage frequent changes in running their operations. These often center on the interlocking puzzle pieces of People, Process, and Technology, factors that must all be addressed simultaneously to drive operational improvement.

How we can help

We actively listen to our clients, seeking first to understand what challenges they are facing, then working with them to generate tailored solutions to help them achieve lasting and meaningful results. Our Operational Improvement experts seek to introduce implementable, "best practice" solutions that are agile, customer-centric, and offer our clients a competitive advantage.

We understand that not every "best practice" is appropriate for every client - our goal is to introduce concepts, technologies, and process solutions that fit each unique client situation and are innovative, reduce cost and generate efficiencies while adding value, helping the organization grow and operate better.

Our approach

A cornerstone of our Operational Improvement is a focus on understanding the process value streams that correspond to the organization’s workflow of how they conduct business. Our value stream mapping includes the Finance function, the Human resources function, and the Supply Chain function (i.e., warehouse, distribution and logistics, procurement, and shop floor). We provide the answers our clients need to drive operational improvement and excellence. Answers that generate significant and lasting cost savings, efficiencies, and optimal operating structures that leaders can rely on today and into their companies’ futures.

  • Operational Assessments (Finance, Supply Chain, and Human Resources)
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Business Process Improvement and Automation
  • Target Operating Model Development
  • Process Benchmarking
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Workforce Management Solutions

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