Why you need client care support

In the connected age, we increasingly rely on technology and expect that technology to optimize our daily operations. Tools such as Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 have become mainstays in day-to-day enterprise operations enhancing our ability to communicate and collaborate, build strong customer relationships, and improve productivity and performance. Without these tools, or when they’re not available, there are costs. We all know the adage “time is money” and any outage or downtime costs money, costs productivity, and ultimately impacts the bottom line.

These tools need ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support to continue working optimally in the ever-changing technology landscape. With technology architectures becoming increasingly interdependent some downtime is unavoidable. However, downtime is expensive with Gartner estimating a cost of $5,600 per minute so, every second really does count. While it may be inevitable, downtime can be minimized.

 What Is Client Care?

Client Care from Mazars is a set of services that supports users, monitors performance and security, and proactively maintains your Microsoft technology stack to help you realize the value of your Microsoft investment by minimizing risk and reducing downtime.

Client Care from Mazars is based on two basic types of services customizable to meet your needs:

Reactive Support

Reactive incident support includes services to respond to individual and system wide issues as they arise. Commonly referred to as IT Support or Break-fix, incident support is ticket-based prioritized response system including a helpdesk to assist client personnel with their systems and applications.

Proactive Support

Proactive support includes services aimed at keeping systems, networks, and applications healthy and operating optimally. It includes services such as:

  • system performance and utilization monitoring with corrective actions as needed.
  • management and execution of updates for servers and desktops including cloud and on-premise software.
  • configuration of systems, networks, and policies to specified requirements and in anticipation of needs.

With ticket-based helpdesk support to reactively respond to issues as they arise to comprehensive end-to-end monitoring support to proactively monitor your systems’ health Mazars has you covered. Here are three reasons you should consider client care support as part of your technology strategy:

Reduce Costs & Risks

  • Reduce or eliminate hardware, software, network, and infrastructure costs
  • Predictable costs through a subscription model

Increase Productivity

  • Free up IT staff to work on strategic projects and focus on growing the business
  • Focus on more meaningful, high impact work

Optimize Your Business

  • Enhanced security and continuity
  • Ability to leverage newer technologies

This blog is one in a series of three around Client Care and why it’s important to every organization. The next blog we will focus on the three plans and why a client might choose one over the other.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at bizapps@mazarsusa.com.

Published on September 10, 2021